Some kind of mini-portfolio

in which I randomly display whatnot’s I’ve worked on. Unless the projects are on a more personal basis, the design is up to customer specs.

Also; this portfolio is just a short abbreviation of what will later be a huge, full blown portfoliazo, as they would say in Chile.

Design: Furniture

The ideas I nurture as a designer have a wide span. From lighting and lamps, via furniture to vehicles and even whole buildings. This is an example of a bed with an included lighting solution and sitting group.


Graphic design: Exilfilmfestivalen Malmö

Graphical production of festival poster, flyer and program. Adjustment of two pre-existing logotypes into one new. 

The flyer was made very wide (A5 split lengthwise) to attract attention, the poster follows the concept but is a regular A3/A2 depending on the location in which it is to be displayed.
The program is a map-fold and has the same poster as a “front”, and addresses on the back, with easy to scan QR-codes for directions and link to map-applications.


Design: Industrial, graphic, tattoos

I am a designer, so it feels only natural to display some of my stuff – although not very much at all. Fact is there has to be some restriction here if I want to be able to make something out of my ideas design wise. But here are some things I’ve designed both when it comes to industrial design (the space radio/media unit), graphic (the poster and the logotype for Indiobokning) and tattoos. I really worked my knuckles to the bone with that tattoo.

Fiat Group: /

Apart from extensive CMS-work, my thing here was to produce those small things that didn’t fit in the general concept. Like the sign-up page which was loaded in an iframe from an external fiat-domain. It is a basic form which depends on the model displayed, and which saves the userdata to a common db.
This common db is subsequently used to send out emails for the different brands (Jeep, Alfa Romeo, Fiat, etc) depending on which brand the sign-up was made. The mails were designed in HTML and used phpmailer to send out the data. Recipients list was, as stated, lifted from the signup-db.


Pågen AB: web and campaigns

The projects for Pågen AB mainly consisted of separate web-campaigns, forms and small games in which the user could participate and win an array of prizes, including cargo-bikes, ship cruises(!) and holidays. The base was mainly the same throughout; what I did was to make it consistent and add design elements. For instance some of the campaigns evolved from being static to include animations (e.g. the skier in the first two pictures was animated and reacted to user input). I also set up a structure that let me basically create a campaign just by making sure the right images/design elements were in the proper place on the server.

All campaigns were made to fit a plethora of hardware platforms, including tablets and smartphones, which you can see on the screenshots chosen to portray this. Most, if not all, the campaigns were also closely tied to the facebook page of Pågen AB, in which the user could interact directly with the campaign page. 

At times input was given from certain locations – e.g. the hills of Åre during ski season – where a QR-code would be used to send the proper data to the receiving page. This would allow the user some extra perks, or special information depending on their location.

Design elements were provided by customer, the design was made by me, which included little gimmicks like see-through bags and such. And, or course, animated crisprolls, skiers and whathaveyou.

Countries: Sweden, Denmark, Norway.


Pågen AB: Advanced web projects, campaigns and games

Some of the campaigns for Pågen AB were bigger.

Roast’n’Toast was a game made in html/javascript/jquery, connected to mysql and game logics developed by me. Basically you had to guess the image “toasted” onto a slice of bread (3 slices) and scored according to the time it took the player.


Grillen was all about uploading images and recipes to the site. All the elements (the man, the grill, the background, the grass, etc) were separate entities which I animated according to user input. The grass is also layered on top of the mn, the grill on top of the grass, etc.


Sommar 2013 was a joint campaign in both Sweden and Denmark – although the periods were somewhat different and the prizes aswell. In Sweden you could win a cargo bike, in Denmark you could win entry to Legoland. The campaign was fully designed by me, even though we had to exclude some of the fancier elements (like tilting windows) in order to… Basically this: The customer wasn’t upgraded to the latest browsers and techniques. There. You didn’t hear it from me.


Tales & Dice: Hanna & Henri website


Design and function by me, graphics by co-worker to my specs. Items in footer were later on added due to facebook likes, app availability and such. Adapted for both tablets (primarily), computers and smartphones the site had a lot of gimicky little things. I.e. the leaves were animated (which caused me quite a bit of a headache) and also both the menus and the clouds changed position/rotation on every klick. As you can see the hill part was made to cover parts of the page content, to get somewhat of a depth perception. This was a web site for a childrens book/game app, so… I played.

I also created the utterly simplistic company page, which also had a few gimmicks, like changing the logo colour according to where the user had clicked and such. All in css.


Photo: Just one of my hobbies


I like photography. Since I don’t always have the patience to paint – or rather; throw paint at canvas, using my entire body and anything I find lying around – I enjoy the whole composing and snapping of pictures. Or, for that matter, the just aiming and clicking to see what ends up on the sensor and memory card. Here are some examples.

The old stuff: Small campaigns and webs from yesteryear

So as to not bore everyone I have includes merely two projects from yesteryear. The campaign “Malmö emot EMU” from 2003 – which was somewhat delayed (although within deadline) due to the organizers debating for weeks whether it should be “mot” or “emot”, i kid you not! Logo, layout, structure, it was all me.

Also included is a design proposal I made for the pianist Tania Naranjo. This was in the day when sites were allowed to “pop out”. Remember those days?